High Performance Tennis Coaching

Talent is not enough. Skill development and making the commitment to high performance tennis coaching is what makes the difference.
Success on the court requires a strategic, behind the scenes program, which is personally customised to ensure the delivery of a competitive edge.

Marcus Petrou is an outstanding coach who is prepared to work hard to get the best athletes to their highest level of competition.

High Performance tennis coaching requires its own set of skills and qualifications and Marcus offers the unique combination of being a highly successful coach who can blend the experience gained from his own successful international playing days with the current demands of high performance training.

Marcus understands expectations and the pressure to achieve results. As a tennis professional, Marcus is resilient, dedicated and passionate about the game. His skill at preparing effective training programs, correcting game and technique flaws and devising competition strategies are well known.

High Performance coaching is a mutual arrangement subject to availability.

If you are proposing to engage in elite training, please email Marcus at marcus@exceltennis.com.au to arrange a time to discuss the options.