Junior Weekend Competition

At our Excel Tennis location, Green Ball and Yellow Ball junior players have an opportunity to play competitively representing the tennis club in weekend competition.

There are a wide range of grades to suit the needs of everyone from beginner Green Ball players that are only starting to hold a basic rally and still building confidence on their serve, to accomplished Yellow Ball players that are travelling around Australia competing in the high level tournaments.

For new registrations from the Excel Tennis coaching program, Excel Tennis will assist to place your child in the appropriate grade with the assistance of the tennis club’s Junior Delegate.

What are the benefits of playing?

  • It’s fun and your child will make many more friendships
  • Helps your child become a better tennis competitor and understand more of the rules of tennis
  • Gives your child more motivation to train well during the week
  • Keeping active

Please click below for the Information and Registration Process of the tennis club.